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You can’t completely avoid an unclaimed property audit, but you can encourage auditors to target others first.

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Six Ways to Avoid an Unclaimed Property Audit White Paper

Smart businesses are proactive, and it’s no different when it comes to unclaimed property. You might not be able to avoid audit altogether, because states are more determined than ever to enforce the law after decades of leniency. However, proactively managing escheatment could mean state auditors will turn elsewhere to find companies to audit. 

Contingent fee auditors select holders to target based on where they suspect they will find the highest amounts owed. Companies that haven’t reported regularly are likely targets. Sometimes auditors focus on specific industries within a defined time period. This white paper will help you identify red flags within your own organization that could make you more susceptible to audit. You’ll also learn how to read the signs and anticipate where auditors will direct their attention next. Ready to proactivate?

This white paper will help you:

  • Minimize the chances you will be targeted for an unclaimed property audit
  • Learn criteria unclaimed property auditors use to select audit targets
  • Remedy any conditions in your company that could increase your organization’s financial exposure before you are audited
  • Set up on-going systems and procedures to ensure continued compliance
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