Bill Berger
Director, Owner Reunification Practice Leader

Bill’s escheat compliance experience spans for more than 30 years with a specialty of unclaimed property owner research and reunification services that reunite owner with their funds and reduce escheat liability.

Throughout his career, Bill has been responsible for spearheading numerous customized owner reunification programs for holders that can seamlessly integrate into their existing operations. His goal is to partner with organization to reduce their escheat liability by understanding client issues and opportunities to develop solutions for all asset types.

Career Highlights
  • Built owner reunification programs ‘from the ground up’ to support insurance carriers with an urgent need for services due to unclaimed property audits.
  • Specialized consulting focused on internal unclaimed property teams to identify their risk/exposure and develop solutions for various asset types including mutual funds, brokerages, banking, oil & gas royalties, and general ledger.
  • Sought after subject matter expert in unclaimed property including testimony to the Department of Labor’s ERISA Advisory
  • Saint Joseph’s University, PA BA Economics
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