Jason Sauer
Vice President, Strategic Retirement Solutions

Jason has more than 16 years of experience working with various unclaimed property types with a specialty in ERISA protected assets. He has helped Fiduciaries and Plan Sponsors fulfill their fiduciary responsibility and stay in compliance with DOL guidelines and recover assets that may have been lost or forgotten for individuals or organizations.

He works with organizations to bridge the gap between standard unclaimed property types, rules and regulations required by the SEC and the rules governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) and the retirement industry. This includes preventing protected retirement accounts from being surrendered needlessly to 3rd parties as unclaimed property.

Being both a client and participant advocate, Jason specializes in “coming alongside” plan sponsors and helping them mitigate issues within their retirement plans that may cause protected assets to be lost or surrendered, trigger red flags for regulatory audits or investigations and avoid fines and penalties related to non-compliance regarding a company’s retirement plan.

Throughout his career, Jason has been a trusted partner with his clients by applying his knowledge of the “retirement industry” helping Fiduciaries fulfill their legal obligation to protect the plan’s assets for the sole benefit of plan participants and their beneficiaries.

Career Highlights
  • Founding member that started a retirement division for a national Unclaimed Property Firm.  Developed and implemented several solutions reuniting unclaimed property with its rightful owners in the “retirement space”, including services around uncashed distributions, abandoned accounts, plan terminations and missing or lost participants to name a few.  Advocating for several “best practices” that are recommended guidelines today by the DOL.
  • Directly worked with several national retirement funds to recover assets and prevent millions of dollars from walking out the door, while also enabling them to reduce their liabilities by over $100M.
  • Sought after subject matter expert and speaker involving fiduciary responsibility in light of managing populations of people in retirement plans and benefits.
  • University of Valley Forge, BS in Pastoral Ministry
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