Joshua Moldrup
Partner, Audit Defense & Consulting Solutions

For over a decade, Josh has worked with holders of all sizes and industries to manage unclaimed property reporting and compliance activities. He brings his unique blend of experience in accounting and technology to advise clients and oversee audit defense projects, voluntary disclosure filings, and initial compliance activities.

Josh’s deep understanding and knowledge of unclaimed property allows him to expertly develop and implement business process improvements for clients directed at mitigating exposure and facilitating sustainable compliance.

Career Highlights
  • Serves as a holder advocate to proficiently manage single and multi-state audit projects.
  • Leads successful negotiations directly with third-party auditors, as well as state officials, to ensure best possible outcomes.
  • Creates strategies to mitigate unclaimed property exposure through business process improvements, exposure quantifications and reviews, voluntary disclosure agreements, audit defense, and initial compliance initiatives.
  • Kansas State University, BS Accounting
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