Tracy Olsen
Vice President, Strategic Solutions

For more than 25 years, Tracy has held various client facing leadership positions across organizations in the unclaimed property and investor relations sectors. Throughout her career, she has a demonstrated history of working with holders to create and implement targeted programs to improve and streamline unique organizational challenges, including but not limited to, reducing expenses, meeting proxy vote requirements, and ensuring unclaimed property compliance.

Tracy’s collaborative approach with holders allows her to create and implement sustainable programs for escheat compliance. Since joining MarketSphere, Tracy has played in integral role in guiding and implementing successful owner reunification programs for clients that reduce escheat liability.

Career Highlights
  • Served as the Co-Chair of the NICSA Unclaimed Property Committee and was a member of the Stock Transfer Association.
  • Serves in a primary role to create customized owner reunification programs that integrate into existing operational processes.
  • Providence College, Providence, RI, Liberal Arts Degree
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