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5/5/20 10:22 AM

Recovering Unclaimed Property During Covid-19

Each year in the United States, billions of dollars are escheated to state governments as unclaimed property.  The total value of escheated properties in state unclaimed property custody may well exceed $50 billion, with less than 50% likely ever to be reunited with the rightful owner. Even more unclaimed property sits dormant at other government agencies, counties, and municipalities.

There are many factors that can contribute to the possibility that amounts owed to your organization are lost. Examples include: a company may have moved locations, changed their process or contact point for payment receipt, have a history of mergers/acquisitions, name changes, extensive business-to-business dealings, or a check could have been 'lost' in the mail.

It is important to note that unclaimed property can be funds held by a state/jurisdiction resulting from statutory escheat requirements or they can be outstanding balances held by a government entity that will never be escheated.


Topics: Best Practices, Corporate Asset Recovery