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4/14/22 9:50 AM

Reduce Escheat Liability with Owner Reunification Programs.

If your organization places a value on customer retention and would like to reduce your overall escheatment and due diligence expenses, now is the time to commence an outreach program to dormant account owners. There is still time to make contact with customers prior to the fall escheatment cycle, and if you move quickly, you can also reduce your due diligence mailings expenses. 

Due diligence for the fall reporting cycle generally mails anytime from July – August. The due diligence mailing process cleans up a handful of accounts every escheat season – usually somewhere between 10 -20%. However, as the below chart demonstrates, a proactive outreach program that begins far in advance of the due diligence time frames can significantly reduce the population of accounts that are ultimately escheated.


Topics: Due Diligence, Best Practices, Owner Reunification