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9/17/21 12:44 PM

Unclaimed Property Compliance: Negative Reports Could Be Required

In any given year, holders may find that they do not have any unclaimed property to report to one or more states.  Does this mean that the holder does not have a reporting obligation to the state(s)?  Not necessarily.  Some states still require that you file a “negative” report.  This negative report indicates to the state that the holder has no property to report for the given report year, and demonstrates ongoing compliance with the state’s unclaimed property requirements.

The states are split on the matter of negative reports, so it is important to check with the state(s) in question before filing. Failure to submit a negative report if one is required by the state will cause the holder to be considered out of compliance. Other states do not require negative reports but will accept them if they are filed., and a handful of states do not accept negative reports at all. 

The examples below help to illustrate the variation in negative reporting requirements across the states:


Topics: Compliance, Reporting, Best Practices