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1/3/18 7:54 AM

Did You Miss Out? Delaware Audit Conversion & VDA Election

by David Poehler

Young businessman taking a decision with arrows and question mark above his head.jpegUnclaimed property compliance is a challenge in many ways during each reporting cycle. Additional issues arise when faced with entering into a VDA program or engaged in an audit. Delaware recently sent notices to a Holders advising them of their option to enter into a VDA program or expedited audit.

If you haven’t taken action yet, or are unsure about what to do, let the MarketSphere Unclaimed Property Specialists go to work on your behalf to guide you through your options and manage the process allowing you and your teams to keep focus in the New Year on your organizations business goals. 

If you’re having difficulty explaining the complexities of determining the best path to take in Delaware, or explain other unclaimed property issues and concerns to colleagues, we can help you open the conversation with this whitepaper:6 Ways Unclaimed Property Takes A Toll.
 The specialists at MarketSphere have focused expertise in many areas including:                                 

  • Initial Compliance Analysis and Reporting
  • Annual Compliance Reporting
  • Due Diligence Services
  • Inactivity Mailing
  • SEC 17 Ad-17 Lost Shareholder Services
  • Liability Analysis
  • Risk & Exposure Assessment
  • Audut Defense
  • Voluntary Disclosure Agreements (VDAs)
  • Financial Services (FS) Analyzer
  • Last Activity Date Review
  • Acquisition Compliance & Remediation
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Corporate Asset Recovery
Contact MarketSphere at 844.357.1099 or Contact Us to set up a  free introduction call to discuss the Delaware VDA or audit notifications as well as any additional areas of unclaimed property compliance that are a burden or causing stress for your organization.

The experts at MarketSphere serve as partners and advocates and with you to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and reduce the risk of non-compliance by crafting your Just Right Compliance® strategy.

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