Introducing the Invisible Plan

Some things are best when you don’t notice them. Download this free e-book to reduce risks and make your UP process nearly invisible.

Unclaimed property is supposed to be a behind-the-scenes business function, but recent aggressive enforcement through profit-driven third-party auditors has shaken things up and turned the spotlight on unclaimed property—like an annoying party guest who demands everyone’s attention. The job of unclaimed property professionals is to get this unruly guest under control and put the company’s resources back to work focusing on core business functions and values.

Enter: The Invisible Plan. In this eBook, read how to plan and implement proven techniques and set up dedicated tools to reduce costs, personnel demands and potential financial risks of unclaimed property in holder companies like yours. The book includes step-by-step advice and checklists to make your unclaimed property system as invisible as possible. When no one mentions it, you know you’ve succeeded.

This e-book will help you:

  • Understand calendar points through the year that provide a smooth schedule for collecting data, marking dormancy, completing due diligence and reporting on time
  • Control data through effective recordkeeping techniques and use technology tools to automate processes, which saves time and increases accuracy
  • Minimize risks inherent in unclaimed property audits—avoid common mistakes that can lead to unnecessary angst and expense under audit
  • Execute an intentional plan for reducing the impact of unclaimed property demands on all fronts, no matter how statutes change in the future
Guide to Navigating & Negotiating Unclaimed Property E-book

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