Inactivity Services and Deep Search

We understand that organizatons can face challenges with maintaining owner contact. There are strategies to revive owner contact before and after an account is deemed 'lost' to reunite owners with their funds and potentially re-activiating customers. 

Restoring lines of communication with inactive accounts is often reduced to the sending of due diligence letters during the required legislative time period. Attempting to re-engage earlier with a proactive approach will garner greater success and benefits for your organization.

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Owner Outreach and Deep Search

MarketSphere works with organizations providing guidence to create and implement policies & procedures that address inactive accounts. We also work with you to create custom outreach letters and response mechanisms that maintain your company brand.

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Deep Search

Time and resources may be preventing you from being able to find the rightful owner. MarketSphere's Deep Search service offers your organization a convenient way to find those lost and inactive account owners to help you re-establish contact and avoid escheatment.

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We Can Help You:

  • Implement an effective program that brings together people, process, and technology to meet the challenge of owner outreach.
  • Reduce time, internal resources, and costs associated with managing RPO items.
  • Lower escheat liability and potentially avoid or reduce penalty/interest liability. 
  • Create a procedure and process for retaining information indicating owner or heir responses. 
  • Develop solutions and strategies that drive activity and meet regulatory search requirements. 

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We were particularly pleased we were able to achieve such measurable success during the busiest time of the year.

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