MarketSphere's Innovation Center

Technology + consultation = better unclaimed property processes

Most people know about unclaimed property technology that captures and updates statutes for proper reporting, but there’s so much more technology can do (with the right resources) to make your reporting functions easier, faster, more accurate—and potentially less costly.

The MarketSphere Innovation Center is a unique behind-the-scenes resource that touches every service we provide, using integrated technology to maximize your ability to uncover underlying problems, capture efficiencies, report properly and support audits. Our proprietary software and databases, built over more than a decade, help you formulate reliable best practices and even recover your company’s own unclaimed property to bolster your bottom line.

Over many years, MarketSphere has developed a technology base that strengthens clients’ abandoned and unclaimed property efforts. The secret sauce is a unique consultative approach conducted by our own unclaimed property technology experts that can lead to fewer in-house costs, fairer assessments and peace of mind.


Technology strengths we use to design custom unclaimed property solutions for you:

    • Exemption Analysis. Some stale-dated property doesn’t need to be reported. The problem is figuring out where it is and ensuring it is legal to exempt. Over many years, we’ve developed proprietary software that thoroughly and accurately analyzes millions of records at a time. A combination of evolving software and our consultative approach offers holders a unique advantage over spreadsheet-based systems with record count limitations.
  • Data Conversion and Migration. No other unclaimed property provider can match the robust technology tools and skills MarketSphere has cultivated for years to manage unclaimed property data effectively, accurately and quickly. We easily clean up, organize and format even large volumes of data, which unburdens staff, improves results and helps you get correct reports to the states on time.
  • Web Crawler Funds Recovery. We have developed proprietary web search algorithms to routinely check public unclaimed property websites for funds owed to our clients. The system continually and automatically updates requirements, so we can solicit various agencies on your behalf to recover more of your funds more quickly than you would without the power of technology.

MarketSphere’s Innovation Center can help you navigate other vendor software programs and integrate them with our analysis engines. We regularly help clients improve results with popular industry programs, such as those designed to help you manage the information associated with abandoned property and comply with critical due diligence state reporting requirements.

Our Technology Experts are Your Secret Weapon

Harness powerful MarketSphere tech tools and expertise to maximize unclaimed property reporting and audits.

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