Being Your Company’s Go-To-UP Champion

Go for the Glory: Become a UP Hero

Learn more about unclaimed property and become your firm’s go-to expert.

Yes, we know. You happened to be on vacation the day management went looking for someone to handle the company’s unclaimed property functions – and you weren’t there to defend yourself. It’s probably too late to pass it off to someone else, so take it on as a challenge! With a little focus and a few regular hours of study, you could become your organization’s go-to UP person.

Even if you do it on your own time, the benefits of becoming the local UP expert are many. Better knowledge of unclaimed property will help you figure out ways to achieve compliance most efficiently. It will help keep your organization out of compliance trouble and maybe even help avoid audit. If you find your company in the crosshairs of an auditor anyway—not unusual in this era of aggressive enforcement—your knowledge could help the audit team achieve best possible results. Knowing what to do when can save time, money and your company’s reputation. Best of all, becoming a go-to expert (in anything) can be good for your own career.

This whitepaper will help you:

  • Discover sources of information to educate yourself about the ins and outs of unclaimed property
  • Connect with others in the unclaimed property world to learn from their experiences and absorb knowledge about real-world problems and best practices
  • Choose most important topics to learn about first, so you build a foundation of unclaimed property knowledge before digging into complex details
  • Organize unclaimed property information within a local network directory, so it can serve as a resource for you and your in-house colleagues


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