Gear UP!

Gear Up for an (Almost) Foolproof Unclaimed Property Compliance Management System

A roadmap

Are your unclaimed property efforts as streamlined and seamless as they should be?  If not, you are not alone.  For decades, states failed to enforce unclaimed property statutes, which led to an unhealthy de-prioritization of escheatment within the holder community. However, states recently recognized enforcement as a source of revenue, and they’ve stepped up the pace with help from aggressive third-party auditors. It’s no longer a safe bet any organization will get away with non-compliance. It’s time to gear up for a better UP system.

How do you reorganize fragmented resources into a slick, effective unclaimed property compliance system?

Advocate for the principles and processes in this eBook, and you’ll become the local unclaimed property champion and make everyone look good.  Reduced UP costs make the controller happy.  Less personnel involvement makes accounting happy.  Clearer UP goals make the C-Suite happy.  Accurate recordkeeping makes legal happy.  Better resolution of accounts makes property owners happy and makes your company look good. Win/win/win!

This e-book will help you:

  • Uncover records handling and due diligence issues, remedy problems, and reduce the risk of audit
  • Create a step-by-step roadmap and clear, big-picture goals to keep all departments on track toward coordinated escheatment and unclaimed property efforts
  • Discover new ways to reduce escheatment liability, lower costs and minimize disruption of personnel so your organization can focus on more important things
  • Streamline processes with an organized, accurate, efficient approach to records, policies and processes to save time, money and risk—with less stress
  • Train personnel to understand the entire UP picture, so they can support it with daily actions


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