How to Tame a Wild Owner

Help Owners Understand.

Some believe you’re trying to take their money—not help them claim what’s theirs. Learn how to transform negative conversations into positive relationships.

Misunderstandings can lead unclaimed property owners to become upset. They’re naturally suspicious the due diligence letter they received could be an attempt to defraud them. They are right to be wary. Some thieves out there do try to steal property owners’ hard-earned money. You might be tempted to mark a particularly ornery owner’s account as unresolved and simply escheat the funds, then let the state deal with them. However, it’s always better to overcome  owners’ misconceptions and reunite them with their funds. Besides reducing your escheatment footprint and keeping owners from spreading negative stories or complaining to the media, it is the right thing to do.

What’s the best way to help rightful owners understand your good intentions? Dealing with irate, even aggressive, owners takes patience and strong customer service and conflict resolution skills. This white paper provides easy-to-apply tips and techniques for dealing with suspicious and upset owners, maybe even rebuilding positive rapport with long-lost customers.

This e-book will help you:

  • Understand why owners sometimes become upset when you send letters stating your company might be holding property owed to them
  • Learn tips to more effectively communicate with a confused and wary owner
  • Follow best practices that allow you to turn negative altercations into positive customer contact
  • Discover how skills required to communicate with difficult owners are skills that can be used elsewhere in your organization to improve communication and relationships


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