Frequently Asked Questions about an Unclaimed Property letter

Why is MarketSphere Unclaimed Property contacting me when another company owes me the money?

MarketSphere Unclaimed Property performs customer outreach for many companies. This is our clients’ last ditch effort in reuniting you with these funds prior to the monies, by law, having to be turned over to the state as “unclaimed property.” We handle and process all owner responses and inquiries for our clients.

Is there a fee for this service?

No, there is no fee associated with claiming this money.

What do I need to do to claim this money?

If the deadline cited on the letter has not yet passed, simply fill out the letter as directed and mail/fax it back to us for processing. Our client will then issue you a replacement check within 6 to 8 weeks.

If the deadline cited on the letter has passed, the monies have been reported to the state indicated on your letter. You will need to use our State Resources page to claim your property from that state’s Unclaimed Property Division.

What do I do if I am not the person referenced on the letter?

If you are not the person indicated on the letter, our client likely had a bad address for the rightful owner or they have subsequently moved away from that address. You may disregard the letter you received.

What does this pertain to in the first place?

We receive very limited information from our clients regarding these records. All information we have has been provided to you in the letter itself. To this end, we are unable to provide further information regarding this property.

I have yet to receive my replacement check. What do I do?

If you submitted your completed letter prior to the response deadline cited in the letter, our client is in the process of issuing you a replacement check. Please allow up to 8 weeks for this to happen. If it has already been longer than this already, feel free to contact us or call 913-270-9390.

If you were unable to submit your letter prior to the response deadline you will need to use the State Resources page to claim your property from that state’s Unclaimed Property Division.

The money is owed to our company, who signs?

Any authorized representative can claim on behalf of the company.

The owner referenced on the letter is deceased. What do I do?

If you are an heir to this property, you may complete and sign the letter on the decedent’s behalf. However, you must provide a copy of all supporting documentation, such as death certificate and proof of authority to act, in order for us to process the claim.

I no longer live at the address on the letter. Can my replacement check be mailed to my new address?

Please indicate this on your response letter and the replacement check will be mailed accordingly. However, further address updates beyond this must be handled with the company directly.

If your question has not been answered, feel free to contact us or call 913-270-9390..