Making Corporate Asset Recovery Easy

Recovering unclaimed property for companies is tedious, time-consuming and challenging. Most companies don’t have the staff, knowledge or time to locate and secure all available property without detracting from core business activities. Even when companies know about the billions of dollars held by state unclaimed property departments, they often don’t know about additional government sources of funds not covered by unclaimed property statutes.

MarketSphere has the experience, knowledge, technology and relationships to remove the burden and uncover unclaimed property. As trusted asset recovery advocates for hundreds of unclaimed property clients, MarketSphere applies customized search-and-recovery techniques to find and return clients’ money.


States and Government Entities Hold Billions in Unclaimed Funds for Individuals and Corporations

States and government entities have acquired and retained many billions of dollars in funds owed to individuals or corporations. Recovered property can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars when companies have multiple subsidiaries in multiple locations holding years of unclaimed property.

You are likely most familiar with Escheated Properties. These are items sent to the states for safeguarding until the rightful owner comes forward to claim them. As a corporation, the steps to claim your property is more extensive and can be a resource and time burden on your staff. MarketSphere manages the process so you don’t have to.

Most may be surprised to learn there are even more unclaimed funds available outside of the escheated funds held with state unclaimed property departments. These are funds that reside with a completely separate government entity and can be the most difficult items to find and recover. Since these locations are public entities, seldom regulated by state Unclaimed Property statutes, there is no definitive process for these items to be returned to the owners. MarketSphere has the right tools and expertise to find more items and details beyond what is available via any public website.

Corporate Asset Recovery Services

Manually searching the many state and nonstate unclaimed databases requires substantial time and effort that most companies are unable or unwilling to commit. MarketSphere’s asset recovery service automates the process using a proprietary Asset Recovery Catalyst database, making the process exhaustive and efficient.

MarketSphere’s ARC database:

  • Leverages keyword technology, allowing for all-encompassing and precise searches.
  • Monitors available unclaimed property proactively in real-time as data is updated.
  • Consolidates thousands of nonstate government databases.
  • Secures data transfers and passage of updated property status.
Client Service

Keeping clients updated throughout the asset recovery process ensures they stay up-to-date on their project status without the daunting task of completing it on their own. Exceptional client service is at the heart of everything MarketSphere does.

MarketSphere’s asset recovery client service:

  • Updates clients on their project through monthly meetings with a dedicated account manager.
  • Ensures project continuity by providing multiple contact points.
  • Saves clients the time and effort required to uncover and recover unclaimed property independently.

Unclaimed property is not an added service at MarketSphere. It’s the company’s entire focus. By partnering with MarketSphere, clients tap into more than two decades of unclaimed property expertise and relationships.

MarketSphere’s experience:

  • Ensures adherence to unclaimed property’s many complex statutory requirements.
  • Provides valuable relationships and rapport with state administrators built by two decades of interaction with unclaimed property offices, leading to quick and efficient receipt of returned client property.
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