At MarketSphere, We Assist with Your Owner Contact Challenges

Time and resources may be preventing you from being able to find and contact your account owners, customers, investors, members, or plan participants.

There are strategies to locate the rightful owner and revive contact before and after an account is deemed ‘abandoned’ to reunite owners with their property which can include uncashed checks, banking property, brokerage accounts, retirement funds, and insurance policy benefits.

MarketSphere’s Owner Reunification Services offer your organization a convenient and cost-effective way to find the rightful owner and reestablish contact to avoid escheatment.

Proactive Owner Reunification Programs

A proactive approach to remediating accounts prior to them being deemed unclaimed property can reduce liability, control costs, retain more customers, and have a positive overall impact on your company.

MarketSphere utilizes a global network of resources to obtain the most current contact information for owners or their heirs. This is not just a database search for better addresses. We offer customized communication programs focusing on contacting and driving the correct party to take the necessary action on the account.

Timing is Everything

You can avoid, greatly reduce, or even eliminate the population of accounts that are lost or dormant by successfully contacting owners early on.

There are resources and costs associated with meeting the state-mandated due diligence obligations that can be a drain on your organization.

Restoring lines of communication with inactive or lost accounts is often reduced to the sending the State due diligence letters during the required legislative time period. As a result, owners often receive these mailings are a number of years, meaning they may not even reach the entitled owner (or heir) and could even be thrown out.

A handful of accounts are generally cleared during the due diligence mailing process – usually somewhere between 10% – 20%. However, a proactive owner reunification program that beings far in advance of the due diligence time frames can significantly reduce the population of accounts that are ultimately escheated.

Customized Reunification Programs

MarketSphere works with organizations providing guidance to create and implement policies & procedures that address accounts that are lost and at risk of being reported as unclaimed property. We also work with you to create custom outreach letters and response mechanisms that maintain your company brand and reunite owners with their property.

Customized Letters
  • Customized based on client preferences
  • Letters are managed via USPS, email and fax
  • Letters are posted on client portal for review
Interactive Voice Response
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) customized for each client
  • Directed to MarketSphere or client for assistance
  • Typically receives a higher response rate
Web Response Portal
  • Web Response Portal is customized to meet client preferences
  • Provides easy options for owners to update their information

Location, Outreach, and Mortality Search

Living Owner Accounts

Search process that identifies new or updated owner information:

  • New Address/Same Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Compliant with SEC Rule 17Ad-17 Requirements
  • Consistent with the Department of Labor’s Missing Participant Search Guidelines
Deceased Owner Accounts

Search and investigation techniques used to determine legal claimant or estate representative:

  • Genealogy
  • Wills & Estate Search
  • Court Records
Mortality Search Services

Validate deaths across business lines with ‘high confidence’ match returns:

  • Death Master File
  • Obituaries
  • Cemetery Records
  • Probate Files
  • State Vital Records
We Can Help You
Implement Effective Program

Implement an effective program that brings together people, process, and technology to meet the challenge of owner outreach.

Reduce Time

Reduce time, internal resources, and costs associated with managing at-risk items.

Lower Liability

Lower escheat liability and potentially avoid or reduce penalty/interest liability.

Create Procedure

Create a procedure and process for retaining information indicating owner or heir responses.

Develop Solutions

Develop solutions and strategies that drive activity and meet regulatory search requirements such as DMF Matching and SEC Rule 17Ad-17.

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