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Success in the complex and unpredictable world of unclaimed property requires dependable information. Download this white paper for the best UP knowledge sources.

When states began enforcing unclaimed property laws, finance and accounting professionals in charge of escheatment suddenly needed to know more about it. At first, there was little to refer to. The only way to learn was to consult with states, expert consultants or friends in the business. Now, the industry is full of materials you and your team can draw on to manage the demands of escheatment compliance, risk assessment and audit. This white paper helps you begin the search for knowledge with well-known sources you can count on.

Not all unclaimed property knowledge sources are created equal. The best sources for you will be related to your particular role in managing this important business function. Look for quality, comprehensive information that helps you understand the issues and take actions to save money, time—even your organization’s reputation.

This whitepaper will help you:

  • Uncover new places to learn about unclaimed property and help you do your job better as a UP professional
  • Discover sources online and offline where you can meet and learn from experienced unclaimed property colleagues
  • Identify unclaimed property materials best suited for your role in the unclaimed property and escheatment process
  • Keep up with the latest news and regulatory developments, as well as obtaining advice for managing every aspect of escheatment
Useful Unclaimed Property Knowledge Resources White Paper

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