Unclaimed property management has become challenging—even overwhelming. Regulations continually change and states are pressing hard for compliance, sometimes through aggressive third-party auditors. The risks loom over organizations of all sizes, jeopardizing their financial well-being and complicating the work of finance personnel—sometimes even when they are doing everything right!

Unclaimed property professionals need reliable, accurate, thorough methods and tools to simplify the process, reduce risk and minimize costs. Easier said than done.

Throwing time and money at the problem is not the answer. Treating symptoms is not enough.

MarketSphere Unclaimed Property experts thoroughly understand these issues, because we have enjoyed decades of experience not only working within state administrative and auditors’ offices, but also providing consistent, successful unclaimed property and escheatment services for hundreds of satisfied customers. Many of them are Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 firms that have tens of millions of dollars in unclaimed property, demand meticulous records and highly-secure transactions, and expect proactive plans for the future. 

The key: Balance between risk and cost

The MarketSphere team lives and breathes unclaimed property and escheatment. We derive great satisfaction from serving as partners and advocates, with a laser focus on your bottom line and technology tools to minimize time, costs and disruptions, while minimizing risk appropriately. There’s more room for negotiation than you might think. 

Ask about our innovative services to help you manage compliance and due diligence, risk assessment, audit defense and comprehensive best practice plans. 

Why MarketSphere?

We apply an innovative consultative approach that solves underlying problems rather than temporarily relieving symptoms.


  • Clients benefit from our long-time relationships with state administrators and auditors, as well as our track record of managing extensive transactions with accuracy and certified security
  • With more than two decades of experience partnering with hundreds of Fortune 100, Fortune 500 and mid-sized organizations, we offer deep knowledge of escheatment, unclaimed property and innovative solutions to fit your exact needs
  • We know how to navigate the subtleties of escheatment to strike an optimum balance between the risks and costs you incur
  • We were first in the industry to create compliance and due diligence technology solutions, and have continued to refine digital tools to meet changing client needs and leverage cutting edge advances; results include a wealth of analytic data no other firm can provide and an exemption analysis tool that often increases refund potential
  • Our creative pricing structure often reduces the cost of unclaimed property services to minimize financial impact