MarketSphere’s Innovation Center

Tap into our technology expertise, proprietary processes, software, and databases for improved owner reunification, records management, reporting, and audit support.

Most people know about unclaimed property technology that captures and updates statutes for property reporting, but there’s so much more technology can do (with the right resources) to automate the exchange of your data, enhance your owner outreach responsiveness and reporting functions easier, faster, more accurate – and potentially less costly.

The MarketSphere Innovation Center is a behind-the-scenes resource that touches every service we provide, using integrated technology to maximize your ability to uncover underlying problems, capture efficiencies, report properly, and support audits. Our proprietary software and databases built over two decades provide efficiencies and enhanced quality to our services.

Integrated Solutions

No other unclaimed property provider can match the robust technology tools and skills MarketSphere has cultivated to manage unclaimed property data effectively, accurately, and quickly. We easily integrate or clean up large volumes of data, which unburdens staff, improves results, and help you get correct reports to the states on time.

Annual Reporting & Compliance

  • Liability Reduction Analyzer
  • Financial Services Analyzer

MarketSphere On Demand (MOD)

  • MOD provides visibility through a client portal that provides on-demand insight & visibility to data including visualizations on key metrics and data points, delivered reports, ad-hoc query, and more.

Corporate Asset Recovery

  • Asset Recovery Catalyst (ARC) Database

Owner Reunification Services

  • RPO Tracker
  • Letter Link (QR Code)
  • Web Response
  • IVR
Our Services

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