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4/4/18 9:13 AM

Unclaimed Property - Q1 2018 Round-Up

by Jon D’Amato

Q1 2018 ReviewUnclaimed property holders know that the escheat environment is constantly changing. Q1 2018 has been no different. Audit letter issuances are on the rise, and RUUPA adoption and penalty/interest assessments have been hot topics. We've addressed them all, and more, in our blog posts. Before diving into the subjects highlighted in Q1, I'd like to take a moment to express a couple of points of gratitude.

First & foremost are our clients. We truly appreciate each and every one of the companies and the people at those companies that trust us to assist them with their unclaimed property needs. We've made it a priority to work ever more closely with them to better understand their needs, how we can better serve them, and in turn, tailoring our current solutions and developing new ones to better meet those needs and make their escheat compliance lives even easier. 

I'd also like to thank our team. This group is comprised of driven, industry-leading specialists from many former backgrounds including multiple, former 3rd party audit leaders, accounting specialists, and technology innovators just to name a few.

Our entire team is not only committed to serving our clients and the unclaimed property holder community, they are the creators of our KeepUP™ blogs. This diverse group of individuals lends their expertise to create educational and informative articles for the holder community. In case you missed them, here is a roundup of Q1 posts. If you'd like to have blogs conveniently delivered to your inbox, be sure to sign up for our KeepUP™ blogs.

  • Unclaimed Property Early Reporting. Unclaimed property early reporting may sound like a good idea. Holders need to be aware that stipulations vary by jurisdictions and understand related risks.  

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