MUP-jondamatoJon D'Amato / Managing Partner, Unclaimed Property Practice Leader
office 404-264-8554 

Jon D’Amato has extensive experience assisting companies from Fortune 100 down with a wide variety of unclaimed property issues. He has represented numerous holders who have found themselves in the crosshairs of an aggressive multi-state auditor and assisted first-time filers by bringing them into compliance while mitigating unclaimed property exposure. An expert in all phases of the unclaimed property transaction life cycle, Jon assists his clients not only with audit defense and initial compliance, but also with implementation of sustainable business process improvements that will ensure on-going compliance into the future. 

MUP-davepoehlerDavid Poehler / Partner, Chief Operating Officer
office 404-857-1894

With close to two decades of financial audit and consulting experience, David works closely with the managing partner and the entire leadership team at MarketSphere to develop strategies and implement programs that ensure clients are well positioned in all aspects of their unclaimed property compliance programs. Prior to joining MarketSphere, he was a senior manager with a third-party audit firm where he led a team to ensure the accuracy and delivery of multi-state general ledger unclaimed property examinations.  David is a member of UPPO and serves on the GRAC Committee.

MUP-gregvermulmGreg VerMulm / Partner, Chief Product Officer
office 816-559-0624

Greg is a recognized expert in unclaimed property compliance and business process design. He has more than 30 years of experience in accounting operations, escheat compliance, process optimization, technology design, and implementation including management of complex projects. This experience has allowed Greg to assist clients meet the technical challenges of unclaimed property through process automation, integration solutions, and compliance software application. Organizations benefit from his deep knowledge of recognizing opportunities to improve efficiency and achieve unclaimed property compliance proficiency. Prior to joining MarketSphere, Greg was a senior manager at a Big 5 consulting firm working with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small entrepreneurs. Greg is a frequent subject matter contributor to blog and resource materials that help educate companies with understanding and achieving escheat compliance.

MUP-clivecohenClive Cohen /  Partner, Chief Compliance Officer
office 917-538-8900

Clive has over 35 years of professional experience and has been a nationally-recognized expert in unclaimed property for more than 25 years. Prior to joining MarketSphere, Clive was VP of Special Examinations for ACS Unclaimed Property Clearinghouse and COO of NAPPCO, the two largest third-party unclaimed property audit agents. His broad background and in-depth experience on unclaimed property matters has afforded him the opportunity to work extensively with every state unclaimed property office in the United States. He is a Certified Public Accountant and has experience working directly with Finance, Treasury and Tax leadership, as well as state auditors, to solve business challenges. Clive is a frequent speaker at industry and trade events, including UPPO, National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, and Association for Financial Professionals.

MUP-mikehughesMike Hughes / Partner, Strategic Solutions
office 814-235-9301

Mike Hughes has over 30 years of professional consulting experience, and the past 17 years have been solely dedicated to the Unclaimed Property arena dealing with publicly traded fortune 100 companies to small privately held companies. Mike has been, and continues to be, a trusted business advisor by his clients to drive cost savings, improve technology efficiency, represent them as a holder advocate, reduce risk and liability, and provide innovative methods of generating working capital that allows them to be pro-active in making business decisions.  Mike also acts as an advocate for his clients while they are under an unclaimed property audit, completing VDA's, and developing policies and procedures. Mike serves on the UPPO Scholarship Committee which awards multiple scholarships each year to deserving students.

MUP-heathersteffensHeather Steffans / Partner, Strategic Solutions
office 816-559-0619

Heather has over 24 years of professional experience in assessing the escheatment gaps of an organization and marketing unclaimed property solutions to holders. As a respected senior unclaimed property business development professional with proven skills in needs analysis and strategic problem solving, she helps unclaimed property holders reduce the negative impact of escheatment and achieve best outcomes. Prior to joining MarketSphere in 2014, she worked for two other holder advocate firms providing her with over two decades of experience that spans multiple industries and product offerings. Heather is recognized in the abandoned and unclaimed property industry as a subject matter expert and thought leader, tradeshow expert, popular industry conference speaker and veteran webinar presenter. Heather has served on the Board of Directors of the Unclaimed Property Professionals Organization (UPPO) since 2017 and is the current president for 2020/2021.

Henry 100 bwHenry Dan / Director, Strategic Solutions
office 678-296-4286  

Henry has 40+ years' experience in the financial consulting arena and has extensive experience working with, and providing expertise to, executives in organizations ranging in size from multi-billion dollar global organizations to domestic middle market companies. Henry's approach of developing trusting relationships through integrity, professional character, and subject matter knowledge have resulted in many long standing engagements with these corporations. His background allows him to bring a unique understanding of challenges organizations face when managing unclaimed property providing him with the ability to offer distinctive solutions to meet their escheat compliance needs.

MUP-jenduranJen Duran / Director, Annual Compliance 
office 816-559-0632

Jen is nearing two decades of professional consulting experience with MarketSphere. She leads the compliance practice which oversees the unclaimed property compliance programs for clients. Her areas of expertise include project management and implementation. Jen works with all levels of the finance, tax, and treasury departments as a holder advocate specialzing in complete escheat compliance freeing up key personnel to focus on core business functions.

Luke SimsLuke Sims / Director, Advisory Practice Leader
office 816-559-0618   

Luke has more than a decade of professional business, accounting, and technology experience. This blend of knowledge has supplied him with the skills needed to successfully assist holders to navigate complex multi-state escheat audits and help organizations with little or no filing history to achieve compliance in all jurisdictions. Luke’s thorough understanding of accounting and the unclaimed property transaction life cycle gives him the expertise that benefits clients with strategies for long term escheat compliance.  

Josh M photoJoshua Moldrup / Director
office 404-857-1889 

Josh works with holders of all sizes and industries to manage unclaimed property reporting and compliance activities. He brings his unique blend of experience in accounting and technology to manage audit defense projects, voluntary disclosure filings, and initial compliance. Additionally, he uses his deep understanding and knowledge to work with organizations to develop and implement business processes  directed at mitigating exposure and facilitating sustainable compliance.

BIll Berger

Bill Berger / Director, Reunification Services
 office 404-857-1884
 Bill is responsible for spearheading the customization of owner reunification programs for holders that can seamlessly integrate into   their existing operations. With over 30+ years of expertise in the unclaimed property industry, his goal is to partner with organizations   to reduce their escheat liability by understanding client issues and opportunities to develop solutions for all asset types.

Tracy O headshot

Tracy Olsen / Vice President, Strategic Solutions
office 404-587-1881 

Ms. Olsen’s vast experience in all aspects of unclaimed property compliance has led her to effectively collaborate with holders and create programs that meet the complex requirements of escheat compliance. Prior to joining MarketSphere, Ms. Olsen worked at another holder advocate firm as the VP, Unclaimed Property Annual Reporting Relationship Management as well as Director of Customer Success Compliance Services. As a subject matter expert, Tracy assists holders in creating sustainable programs to mitigate their unclaimed property risks and reduce their escheat liabilities. Ms. Olsen holds a bachelor’s degree from Providence College, a Xerox Six Sigma Black Belt certification, also served as the Co-Chair of the NISCA Unclaimed Property Committee and was a member of the Stock Transfer Association.

Michael Lazar leadership 2021

Michael Lazar /  Director, Corporate Asset Recovery Practice Leader
office 404-264-8545 

Michael leads the Corporate Asset Recovery team working with clients to maximize the recovery of unclaimed funds owed to their organization. With nearly a decade of unclaimed property experience, he has played a significant role as an advisory and compliance consultant, as well as a data analyst, supporting holders through annual compliance, VDA, and audit, processes. As the Recovery Practice Leader, Michael is able to draw on his many years of experience to implement MarketSphere’s automated and synchronized approach to data acquisition, property identification, claims processing, and recovery.


Ben Bell

Benjamin Bell / Annual Compliance Practice Delivery Leader
office 412-567-2244

Ben has accumulated nearly 15 years of unclaimed property experience. Prior to joining MarketSphere, Ben managed the unclaimed property division of BNY Mellon Shareowner Services and oversaw unclaimed property annual filings and SEC 17 Ad-17 compliance for over 2000 issuers. As a leader in the financial services industry, he works with a multitude of organizations to guide them through maintaining valid contact with their customers, annual compliance filings, and SEC 17 Ad-17 Lost Shareowner compliance. Ben has been serving on various UPPO  committees since 2016.

Heather G b & w

Heather Gabell /  Senior Manager, Compliance
office 816-559-0637

Heather spearheads the monitoring of legislative and regulatory activity, litigation, and state-specific reporting changes relevant to unclaimed property. Utilizing her expertise, she is specifically focused on interpreting, tracking and communicating changes to our internal practice teams and clients to ensure compliance in all reporting jurisdictions. In addition to providing guidance and support on legislative and regulatory activity related to privacy and data security, Heather also creates and maintains state-by-state documentation related to compliance obligations such as dormancy periods, due diligence, penalties and interest, record retention, and audit requirements. She further contributes by penning blog posts, hosting webinars, and is an active member of the UPPO, SSA, STA, and NICSA organizations. Heather holds a law degree from Villanova University School of Law. 

David Phipps

David Phipps /  Senior Manager, Corporate Asset Recovery
office 978-809-8161 

David has over 20+ years of unclaimed property subject matter expertise and is now focused on Corporate Asset Recovery reuniting holders with funds owed to them. His background includes providing asset recovery, audit defense, VDA, and annual compliance services at one of the Big 4 accounting firms and serving as the managing director at a third-party audit firm overseeing general ledger unclaimed property examinations.  David’s unique perspective and deep understanding of all facets of escheat compliance offers organizations comprehensive support in managing their unclaimed property compliance activities.


David Kidder photoDavid Kidder /  Senior Manager
office 978-809-8161 

David has nearly 20 years of professional consulting experience, with close to half at MarketSphere providing policy and procedure expertise, systems implementation and support for the Finance and Accounting industry. David has additional experience guiding Fortune 50 and mid-sized companies through unclaimed property reporting requirements and compliance activities and helping them to analyze and identify escheat liability reduction opportunities. David works directly with the states on the client’s behalf in order to reduce risk and ensure Just Right Compliance®. 

Brian McGill 2 Brian McGill / Senior Manager
office 404-854-7713

Utilizing his strong delivery and leadership skills, Brian has served clients in many capacities assisting them and acting as an advocate to meet their unclaimed property compliance needs. For nearly a decade as a subject matter expert at MarketSphere, he has facilitated the process of leading clients through unclaimed property risk assessments, best practices policy and procedure reviews, state amnesty programs, including DE VDAs, and multistate audits. Brian’s depth of experience managing the complexities of escheat compliance has made him an integral part of our team and allows him to  fully support clients for best outcomes.