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12/22/21 9:07 AM

Twelve Do's of Unclaimed Property Due Diligence

Holders have a statutory obligation under states’ unclaimed property laws to perform a final outreach to owners of unclaimed property before reporting the property to the state, known as a due diligence mailing. This mailing is the final attempt by the holder to reach the owner, thereby putting the owner on notice that if the owner fails to respond to the holder regarding his or her property within a certain period, the holder will be required by the state to escheat the property to the state.

Due diligence requirements, including the timing of the notice, the dollar amount above which notice is required, the method of delivery and even the content of the letter varies among the states. Performing due diligence is not only an important part of a holder’s compliance obligations, but it also aligns with the goal of the unclaimed property laws, which is to reunite the owner with his or her property, and reunification also assists holders with customer retention and satisfaction.


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10/25/21 7:22 AM

Considerations for First Time Filers of Unclaimed Property

Businesses (also known as holders for unclaimed property purposes) are required by law to report and remit unclaimed property to the states on an annual basis. A typical holder reporting cycle involves the following, all of which are governed by state unclaimed property laws, and all of which can vary by holder type and/or property type.


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12/15/20 8:17 AM

Dec. 2020 Delaware Mails Unclaimed Property Audit Notices

MarketSphere Unclaimed Property Specialists has learned that the state of Delaware’s Department of Finance recently mailed unclaimed property audit notices to US corporations incorporated in Delaware. The audit notices target those holders who did not enroll in the Delaware Secretary of State’s Voluntary Disclosure Agreement (VDA) Program within the 60 days of receiving an invitation letter to participate. The invitation letters put the holder on notice that the state believes the holder to be out of compliance with Delaware’s unclaimed property law and invites them to participate in the VDA Program to bring them into compliance. If the holder does not enroll in the VDA Program within 60 days, they are referred for audit.

Corporations both large and small, public, or private can receive a VDA invitation. Under Delaware law, the state cannot initiate a new unclaimed property examination (audit) without first notifying the company that it may enter into the VDA Program (12 De. C. Ch. 11, section §1172). The invitations put the company on notice that if the holder does not enroll in the VDA program within 60 days of the date of the letter, the company will be referred for audit. The Secretary of State mailed approximately 200 invitations in August. Companies who did not enroll in the VDA Program within the 60-day period, may already have, or will soon receive audit notices from the Department of Finance.


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8/24/20 9:20 AM

August 2020 - Delaware Sends Unclaimed Property VDA Invitations

Delaware continues to focus on unclaimed property compliance, with its’ Voluntary Disclosure Agreement (VDA) program at the forefront of this push.  Since the latter part of 2018, Delaware’s Secretary of State has been consistently mailing VDA invitations and continues this practice on an on-going basis. 

Based on correspondence that MarketSphere received from the office of Delaware’s Secretary of State, the latest round of VDA invitations were mailed on August 21, 2020 to a number of Delaware incorporated companies identified as “likely being out of compliance” with Delaware’s unclaimed property law. 

The correspondence states: 

Today, August 21, 2020, the Delaware Secretary of State’s Office will be mailing about 200 letters to various companies (individually referred to as “Holder”) that have been identified as likely being out of compliance with Delaware law, 12 Del. C. ch. 11, as it relates to reporting dormant, abandoned, or unclaimed property.  Pursuant to our state laws, Delaware cannot initiate new abandoned or unclaimed property examinations (audits) unless a company has first been notified in writing by the Secretary of State that it may enter into the SOS VDA Program.  The letter serves as such a notice to the Holder and strongly encourages participation in the SOS VDA Program, as an audit notice will be issued by the Delaware Department of Finance 60 days after the date of the mailing. 

As the correspondence notes, if a recipient company fails to respond to the notice within 60 days, the Delaware Department of Finance will issue an unclaimed property audit notice upon the expiration of the 60-day notice period.


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